You are the focal point in all we do, from the luxurious and inviting environment, through to the quality craftsmanship, service and products.
It truly is about you at Ballyhoo, and we will do our utmost to ensure you not only enjoy your visit, but leave looking and feeling great.

Grant completed his training in the St George region, under the mastery of very skilled hairdressers with extremely high standards. In doing so he acquired both traditional and contemporary skills and techniques. At 21 years of age he then purchased his first salon and began to flourish as an independent and creative stylist. It was not long until Grant had developed a very strong following, one which has moved with him throughout his career of more than 20 years. It is this following which was the inspiration to re-birth his career and create what we now see as Ballyhoo Hair. Grant is often referred to as a magician, as he is so very creative and imaginative in meeting any client's hair needs, from the most traditional to the most contemporary of requirements.

Mylee joined the Ballyhoo Hair team early this year and we are so pleased she did. Mylee has a depth of experience in hairdressing and is passionate about customer service, she is highly skilled in contemporary colouring, cutting and styling techniques. She also enjoys looking after all her clients, treating each as a special guest to the salon, ensuring they receive the best experience possible. We are sure you will love working in partnership with Mylee when meeting your hair needs, as much as we love having her as part of our team.

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